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Freshen Up with Mint Ice Brew

Refreshing, Cooling, Hydrating & Energy Inducing

Caffeine Content: Low

Best Consumed: Cold or Iced

18 Staple Free Pyramid Tea Bags in Individually Wrapped in Envelopes

Shipment with 24-48 Hours. Delivery within 3-4 days


About Products

About Products

There’s more than one way to cool off a sunny day - the generic minty flavour drink or a chilled glass of natural iced tea . We’ve got them both covered in one drink! TE-A-ME Iced Brew Mint tea gives you the sharp zest of icy mint, that goes perfectly well at any time of the day. The best part? It’s balanced with calming green tea. TE-A-ME Ice Brews are delicious new blends of fruits, herbs and all things nice. TE-A-ME’s version of iced mint green tea, which is better referred to as “ice brew”, is all-natural and super-healthy, giving a refreshing burst of goodness with every sip. It can be brewed in minutes, just using cold water - no boiling required.

TE-A-ME’s Mint Ice Brew is a variant of natural iced tea that combines natural mint flavour with the brisk & refreshing green tea, lemongrass & marigold. TE-A-ME Mint ice brew makes for a surprisingly soothing blend of iced mint tea. The brisk, refreshing natural mint flavour cleanses the palate, whilst the lemongrass adds a sweet lightly citrusy note to this iced mint green tea infusion.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits
  1. Iced Mint Tea may soothe upset stomach, improve digestion, treat bad breath and Lemongrass may have anxiety reducing properties. The duo along with Green Tea in this infusion may become a long day’s refreshing glass of good health!
  2. Thus, health benefits of mint tea could be derived from the ingredients used in it. TE-A-ME Mint Ice Brew comes with goodness of marigold flower petals and freshness of lemongrass.
  3. A Cold Brew Infusion of Green Tea can boost your metabolism and help you feel ready to adorn that new summer swimsuit just in time for summer.
  4. A sugar free iced tea can be energizing while keeping you hydrated. Our cold brews can be a refreshing replacement to all the sugary and unhealthy summer aerated drinks.


  • Place the bag in a glass
  • Pour in water and ice
  • Steep for 5 minute 
  • Stir it well
  • Your drink is ready to be served 
  • Add sugar if you prefer it sweeter
  • Hint: The longer the bag stays in, the smoother the flavor 





Make way for a healthiest summer drink, with citrusy antioxidants, sugar free sweetness, and a second line of defence next to your SPF! Our version of iced mint green tea is blended with Lemongrass, Marigold and Green Tea, need we say more?

We bring you a nature’s button to “refresh” with this Mint Iced Tea. The heat of peak summer can, not only drain energy, but also leave you feeling stressed and exhausted. A minty fresh natural iced tea may help cool you down; relax your muscle and is sure to bring relief.

Ingredient Details

Ingredient Details
  • Green tea (89%)
  • Natural mint flavour (5%)
  • Natural flavouring substances (3%)
  • Marigold (1.30%)
  • Lemongrass (1.30%)
  • Steviol glycosides (INS960)(0.40%)
  • All 100% natural ingredients
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial colours

Technical Information

Technical Information and Nutritional Information

Manufacturer/packer address

Marketed & Manufactured by: Madhu Jayanti International Ltd. 29 Munshigaunge Road, Kolkata 700023.

Generic name of commodity : Tea Bags

Consumer Grievances : 1800 300 22151 or

Brand : TE-A-ME

Net Quantity : 18 Tea Bags

Net Weight : 1.8 g x 3.5 Tea Bags = 63 g

Item Package Quantity : 1 Pack containing 25 Enveloped Tea Bags

Ingredient Type : Vegetarian

Form : Enveloped Tea Bags  Staple Free

Certifications : FSSAI

Storage Instructions : Store in Cool, Dry, Hygienic, Airtight container after opening.

Best Before / Expiry : 24 months from Packaging

Barcode / GTIN / QR : (Please Refer Image for more details)

Origin : INDIA


Loaded with antioxidants & nutrients that have powerful effects on the body like improved brain function & fat loss

Green Tea

Aromatic grass that fights free radicals, reduces inflammation & relieves anxiety.


Mint are rich in nutrients which may improve irritable bowel syndrome and relieve indigestion. It may also helps in brain function.


The anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities of Marigold accrues a plethora of health benefits

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Miss Cool
Very refreshing.....

Good to make iced tea..... lovely flavours..... enjoy it cold.....

Krishna Kumar Agrawal
Good product

Product is too good and flavour is also good and the description tea is like heaven so good tea and value for money

Ansuyaben Patel
Good tea.

Fayuna Hashmi
Good taste

These tea bags have a refreshing and soothing aroma and flavor. So happy with peach flavoured ice tea bags, will definitely order again

Krish Dabhi
What a amazing tea ?

Very amazing day the taste of this tea is yummy amazing tea flavour taste awesome I will buy again

Aju Marwah
Tangy and refreshing

Dev Puri
Amazing product.

This lemon ice infusion tea is better. Its taste is so good and it is very good for our health.

I like this flavour- lemon ice tea.

Lemon ice tea taste good. Good option for cold tea.

I'm liking it.

It taste good.

Abhishek Kumar Singh

The lemon tea is tasty. I tried it with chilled water & it tasted sweet & tangy. Worth buying

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