Where can You Source Turmeric Tea from

turmeric tea online

This is a common concern. For accessing 100% natural Turmeric can be a challenge, especially with its limited source, general awareness and tendency for adulteration.

However, following sources can be harnessed:

General Trade:

  • Your local Kirana/grocery store usually sells dried turmeric roots. This can be used after soaking and grinding for the preparation of turmeric tea.
  • All general stores sell ready turmeric powder. Picking these however can be a tricky job. Buying loosely sold turmeric powder have high chances of adulteration. Packed ones, however, could be picked from any reliable brand.

    Home Made:

  • Turmeric paste can be made using raw, wet turmeric roots sourced from the farmers, vegetable shops or homegrown turmeric plant. This is the most reliable method, however, a challenging and time consuming one.
  • Dry turmeric roots can also be grinded or soaked and turned into paste for further Tea preparation.

    Online Stores:

  • Online sale of organic turmeric and other spices has picked up. Start-ups are helping where in the customers are directly brought in contact with farmer growing the turmeric root. This is beneficial both, to the customer and the farmer, bringing a good price discovery.
  • Online sale of Turmeric Tea itself is available in various brands. Since this flavor of tea does not happen to be a common one, it can however be accessed easily via internet.

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