What is the Best Time to Drink Masala Tea

Masala tea is a beverage that originates in India. Traditional Indian households can’t go a day without having masala tea brew in their kitchen – either for guests, afternoon lows, mornings, celebrations or sometimes simply after a meal! Masala tea in wholly integrated in Indian culture and daily lives. Not surprisingly enough, every household have their own unique way of brewing a masala tea. The tea is a combination of many different spies – that includes ginger, cloves, cardamom sometimes pepper or cinnamon. It can be with out without milk.

As the ingredients give away, masala tea benefits end up adding up as per its ingredients. Its warming properties keeps cold and flu away, relieves its symptoms, makes one feel warm and comforted. Not to forget – awake – as for it contains a strong black tea as base. This makes it a very dynamic beverage. Not to forget, ever loved and beloved by all. So what is the best time to drink masala tea? Here’s our take on it:

1. Mornings:

After waking up, some people suffer grogginess and others crankiness. Some people simply don’t feel fresh and others find it difficult to stay awake! Masala tea is the solution for all! Its high caffeine, warming properties and aroma of fresh spices keeps you up and awake – wholly refreshed on the mornings when the day looks long and eventful. This tea is a great kick start!

2. Late Afternoons:

Late afternoons are a universal drowsy time. No one likes it! Whether you’re a home maker or at office or a student, productivity and output is at all time low in addition to a very cranky mood. This is one of the best masala tea benefits – an instant pick me up! It not only lifts mood but adds to ritual where no matter where you are, you end up bonding with those you share the masala tea with – either at chai tarp or at home. What other way could you lift an afternoon’s dullness?

3. Social Settings:

Got guests over? Wanted or unwanted, the easiest way to dissolve barriers is to brew a perfect masala tea. Almost a ritual in Indian households, folks those who can brew a perfect masala tea recipe becomes an instant favourite amongst all and even gains fame amongst the near and dear ones. One suggestion – the easiest quickest way to get it right is to use a ready mix or Masala Tea Bags. The hassle free benefits that Masala tea bags bring you is precious – you can spend that time catching up with the guests and not running around in the kitchen. Buy your masala tea bags online!

4. Before a Complex Task:

Have you been dreadful lately to start something that’s been pending for a while? Whether it is organising your cupboard, cleaning up the attic, a pending office file or finishing the most annoying subject at college? This time, try brewing yourself a delicious and strong masala tea before starting the work. You will not only get mentally prepped up but also physically and emotionally. There’s something about a cup of aromatic masala tea that calms the nerves and and gives you a head start at the same time. Try it!

5. Before a Workout:

The black tea in masala tea preparation is strong and has enough caffeine to pump you up. So be it a heavy work out, a run, or simply pushing yourself to work out when you don’t feel like it – masala tea is your friend. A suggestion would be to have it 30-40 mins before starting the work out, preferably without milk. You may ditch the sweetener too if weight loss is the priority. A black masala tea preparation is strong yet light on the stomach. Its spices, aroma and caffeine helps your body with required energy levels and warmth. The best option here is to use the masala tea bags which are easily available online.

To conclude, masala tea is that dynamic blend that fits every occasion and situation, liked (loved) by all, pumps your energy and benefits your health immensely. Using masala tea bags all the more eases and fastens the process. Happy masala tea drinking!


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