peppermint Tea or infusion

Tranquil, gracious and unforgettable, Mint Tea is ever loved and forever cherished – for TE-A-ME’s Peppermint infusion featuring in TOI, we enthuse with joy and pride! We realize how each fragrant cup of Peppermint tea seems like its made in heaven, thanks to its aromatic quality and delicate sweet aftertaste. The world of Mint Infusions brings varieties along with aroma. Much to your surprise, there are so many blends available for you to explore. We bring you some insight on how to chose and what to look for.

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Mint Tea either brews in form of plain caffeine free infusion or is combined with green or black tea, and blended with more ingredients like ginger. Mint tea is a wonderful digestive aid, famous for its anti-heartburn properties. Mint infusions also pair beautifully with a wide variety of foods like Hummus or Falafel and any lemony flavored foods like lemon grilled chicken, lemon tarts and loafs.

There exist different variants and permutations of Mint Teas for you to explore. For instance, Moroccan Mint green tea combines green tea with fresh nana mint leaves. Moroccan Mint Tea is the national drink of Morocco, fancied as the drink of fine hospitality. Nana mint is a fragrant mint grown only in North Africa.

Peppermint is a naturally occurring hybrid of spearmint and water mint plants. Organic peppermint makes a surprisingly soothing blend. The brisk, refreshing taste cleanses the palate like no other mint flavor can.

Peppermint is believed to better your sleep and its menthol content is thought to be a natural decongestant. This is why infusions containing organic mint bring soothing sensation when you are down with a cold or flu. Mint tea is a quick and easy way to introduce the mint and its healing powers into the body, calming the ailing person and allowing them to have some relief.

Mint Tea is one flavor that will never disappoint you. So go ahead, pick what you feel is right and happy exploring!

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