TE-A-ME’s Safety Measures: Health & Safety of Employees, Customers and Associates, Comes First.

The state of affairs in India concerning the COVID-19 pandemic is evolving on a daily basis, with implications far reaching almost every aspect of our lives. As a business, we are prioritizing Safety Above All else – of our employees, staff, helpers, delivery partners and our customers.

COVID-19 has changed our way of living, overnight. To address concerns about the spread of the virus, here’s how we are responding to safeguard our employees while ensuring that we can essentially continue operations without disruptions:

We are closely monitoring the ongoing outbreak in our immediate area as well as keeping a tab on hotspots across the country. We have thoroughly imbibed the health and safety guidelines from government agencies and public health officials.

Enhanced office hygiene measures are being taken right from the entry into the building premises, to elevators, doors, chairs, gadgets & common electrical equipments. Rigorous hygiene and cleaning protocols are in place for our offices and surrounding facilities.

We are trying a split-team and work-from-home arrangements for employees whose role does not require their physical presence in the office. Our factories have opened and are operating at 65-70% efficiency, taking all the precautionary measures, including social distancing and compulsory use of masks.

We hope that with enough care and mindfulness, each one of us can take measures towards keeping a step ahead of the virus. With our best wishes to those struggling, we hope & determine to overcome this crisis together.

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