Ice tea Infusion

We are humbled and grateful to receive a feature of TE-A-ME Ice Brews in TOI. What joy is it to see the rest of the world is as enthusiastic about fine brews as we are! If you are enthusiastic about exploring the refreshing realm of artisan-crafted iced tea, then we recommend you to explore the variants, flavorful, instant Iced Teas that are available in many forms in your nearest supermarkets.

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But lets rewind a little. First known Iced Tea recipe was first tried and popularized at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, when the Indian delegation couldn’t persuade attendees to try their hot tea in the sweltering summer heat. With ice added, the clean, refreshing taste was an instant success, and voila! A refreshing summertime beverage was crafted instantly!

Synonymous with hospitality, summertime relaxation, and icy cold refreshments, the drink makes for one of the most tranquil ways to cool down on a hot day!
The icy treat is often made with black tea, but can also be prepared from green tea or fruit & flower infusions, if you’re in the mood for some adventure!

The simplest iced tea recipe goes like this – brew hot tea the way you normally would, following the temperature and timing guidelines recommended for the tea you’re using, and cool it down in refrigerator or drop in lots of ice cubes.

There are ways to elevate iced tea experience to a higher level, far more easily than you’d think! With finely crafted iced blends, from instant mixes to cold brewing pyramid tea bags, from “no added sugar” to those “enriched with vitamin C” – there is variety for all your preferences! From rose, hibiscus, mint, berry, passion fruit or the basic lemon iced tea – the world of Iced magic is out there for you to explore! What are you waiting for?

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