Turmeric Tea : How I Harnessed the Health Benefits

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For those who have studied for an intense exam, be it college, university, entrances or any other, know the importance of highly concentrated and frequent need for caffeine concoctions. I say concoctions because after a point it doesnt even matter how it tastes and the concentration goes on progressively increasing until the exam day. This along with lack of sleep, stress and food intakes of whatever edible you can lay your hands on. Well this is what I went through 2 years ago while I studied for IAS exams.

What followed, was a nightmare come alive:

  • I lost all my healthy weight: I looked highly undernourished
  • Intense hair loss. Yes, I had to say goodbye to my long shiny locks.
  • Insane amount of painful cystic acneon my face and scalp
  • Emergence of unusually dark patcheson my face
  • High levels of acidity, stomach ache and loss of appetite
  • I fell sick?soon as the weather even slightly changed. Id be on a spree of sneezes and allergies.

Yes, nightmare wasnt an exaggeration. Post exams, I spent hours on Google search to recuperate. Individually tacking all this was taxing. I visited endless number of dermatologists and tried all sorts application based skin care products. For my face is the first thing I tend to get insecure about. Then I tried hair packs, hair masks, antacids, exercises, lifestyle changes. You name it, good or bad, I tried it all !

While once I was digging the internet for effective solutions, I came across Turmeric as a complete game changing substance. But any ancient, natural, plant based remedy is time taking. Now I am all about quick fixes but my problem was way too deep rooted. So I decided to give Turmeric a shot, for it had wise range of health benefits.

Preparation was a long drawn process. But I did it nonetheless. So heres how I made it:

  • Boil two cups of water.
  • Add turmeric powder or raw wedges of turmeric, depending on availability.
  • Boil for 5 minutes.
  • Add grated ginger, cinnamon powder, pepper.
  • Boil for 2 minutes. Let it cool.
  • I loved adding some lemon and little salt to taste.
  • Strain and serve.

However, this not only took up extra time, but also stained my white mug, along with taking up extra utensils and strainers. ?I did it any way. Truly, low self-esteem can bring you out of your otherwise comfort zone. The health benefits of Turmeric Tea started showing:

  • I slowly saw the changes on my face. At least the new acne emergence had stopped.
  • I stopped falling sick very often (although curing this wasnt on top of my agenda)
  • My stomach aches and acidity stopped in just 2-3 days
  • I regained my appetite
  • My skin texture improved, literally, without any external treatment !

While I experienced benefits of this turmeric tea that I prepared with such effort, something terrible happened. While pouring the hot tea into the mug, I spilled the entire tea on my kitchen platform- that which is made of white marble. To this day, the Haldi stain sits on it. And I lost my drive to prepare the tea thereafter.

A few months passed. I was on the phone talking to a friend who happened to work with the TE-A-ME team. He mentioned the new launch of wellness tea that I completely ignored at first. Then he mentioned Turmeric Tea with Natural ingredients. My eyes and my voice, both lit up !
Its made of real turmeric? Or just flavored? I am always skeptical

Yes, yes, REAL all-natural Turmeric is used in the tea my friend sounded serious.

Oh thats such a relief, Thank God He didnt know what I was talking about.

I ordered my pack IMMEDIATELY. It had to be TE-A-ME. I highly doubt if any other brand even makes turmeric tea bags, let alone serve a high quality. TE-A-ME uses 100% natural ingredients. In this span of using turmeric, I realized the importance of good quality ingredients. Turmeric is also known to be adulterated easily. I didnt have to worry about all that with this brand.

After just using TE-A-ME turmeric cardamom wellness infusion, I ordered 3 more packs, for my grandparents and my friend who is writing exam this year. Here are some health benefits of these lovely turmeric tea bag infusions:

  • Curcumin in Turmeric is anti inflammatory. It aids arthritis treatment (why it was a perfect gift for my grandparents)
  • Turmeric sharpens memory (why perfect for gifting my friend writing exams). It also prevents neurological diseases.
  • It prevents cancer
  • Delays aging (yey) by synthesizing anti oxidants
  • Its a natural antiseptic. Its probably why my cystic acne disappeared !
  • It helps detox liver
  • It treats digestive disorders and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Numerous skin benefits like increased collagen, prevents wrinkles, brings a natural healthy glow

One evening I prepared myself a cup of TE-A-ME Turmeric Tea and sat down next to my mother watching the news channel. She is always apprehensive about my health enthusiasm and tactics, so shes the last person I dare to offer anything to.

Your Tea smells nice She said, trying to sound casual.

Should I make you a cup, its a tea bag so it wont take too long. I asked

Yes please she replied, very happy.

I made her a cup.

This feels so good. Is an understatement of her expression because next day she asked me where I had kept the Turmeric Tea. The days that followed, I saw her with a cup having a Turmeric Tea bag. Shed sit with a book, every single day sitting at the exact same spot at the exact same time drinking the exact same tea.

You really liked that Tea, didnt you I laughed

I love how it makes me feel she said If I finish this, where are we getting the next batch from? she asked.

Dont worry about it, its available online I told her

It really is a tea bag with natural turmeric and cardamom, I can see it in my cup. She said.

I know.

If I make this tea at home, using the same ingredients, the problem is, one, it tastes like a concentrated concoction, two it makes me feel like Im sick, three, no one has the time to prepare it everyday, despite its share of health benefits.
My mother really enjoyed having a tea bag filled with all her favorite flavors. I was glad.

The next day I got a text from her friend asking for the online link to get the TE-A-ME Turmeric Tea Bags. My mother recommends everything she loves to everyone she loves.

I am super excited to get my hands on this product. And very ?very glad for my effort to good health has been slashed down by 90%.
Now its just heat water, add tea bag, and enjoy. Feels like an absolute hug in a mug !

Note: The blog is contributed by one of our community bloggers Shreya.