Daily Stress of Life and How Tea can Address the Same

In modern industrialized society stress is as bad as cancer. It lurks deep inside your mind and feed itself on your vulnerabilities, weaknesses and shortcomings. Stress crops its head up whenever a situation overwhelms you and you start believing yourself inferior to overcome the situation. Sounds familiar?

We often portray stress as a villain; but all is not bad about stress. Psychologically speaking stress has positive sides too. It prepares our body and mind to face any danger and perform better under pressure or in emergency. Our nervous system and our body’s defense mechanism get into an automatic high-alert mode to protect us from any possible harm. It is called “stress response”.

However, too much of anything is bad. So, frequent exposure to emergencies and threats causes stress responses to persist; making permanent damage to human mind and body. At this point stress becomes negative and harmful. Some of the common symptoms of stress going overboard are:

  • Depression
  • Pain in body, especially joints
  • Sleep disorder
  • Digestion problem
  • Skin diseases
  • Poor memory and attention
  • Autoimmune diseases

Managing stress

It takes regular monitoring and controlling of stress levels once a person is diagnosed with chronic stress. Such process is commonly called stress management. There are different tools and psychotherapeutic techniques for managing stress. However, for relief from your daily stress there are a few home remedies and having herbal tea is one of them. Yes; it might sound trivial but they are tested and trusted therapies.

Let us discuss common varieties of teas, which are highly effective against stress.

Mint green tea

This is a variety of Green tea blended with Mentha Piperita or common mint. Its rich aroma soothes nerve and relieve anxiety. When under stress, our muscles contract to prepare our body for emergency. Mint extract is natural muscle relaxant.  So, if you are feeling irritated or anxious having a cup of mint tea is exactly what you need.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile is daisy like plant with lots of medicinal usage. Generally, Green tea is used as base in making chamomile tea from its dried flower petals. However, chamomile infusion can be taken without green tea. It is a natural sleep inducer; traditionally, used as herbal medicine in treating sleep deprivation. Mild flavour of chamomile has relaxing effect on nerve. A cup of chamomile tea before bed time can erase your everyday stress.

Tulsi tea

Negative stress has lots of toxic impact on our body and health. We need to detoxify regularly for overcoming torments of daily stress. Tulsi tea is considered having strong detoxifying impact. Natural anti-oxidants in Tulsi infusion also rejuvenates your nerves and make your body gain back the lost energy naturally.

Along with all these herbal infusions, green tea, on its own, is also a very good stress buster. Polyphenols in Green tea helps you to fight anxiety. It is adaptogenica and keeps you alert without causing drowsiness.

How to prepare these herbal infusions?

You can prepare any of the above infusions at home with right ingredients. They are simple to prepare but time-consuming; might not be an option in your busy schedule. Another alternative is using naturally blended green tea varieties from TE-A-ME Teas. They are available in tea bags for instant usage; natural blending of these herbals with green tea keeps all the medicinal qualities intact. So, we don’t have to worry about the healthy goodness.