This Summer, Travel with Iced Tea!

ice brews tea

Tea drinking is a ritual. You have your favorite kettle, your favorite tea variety, your favorite mug, and your favorite hours of the day to have tea. Any deviation from the norm can throw off the whole cup. So why should travel hamper your tea ritual?

Fortunately there are ways to make traveling with tea easier, allowing you to indulge in your favorite cup at any hour of the day. Carrying TE-A-ME tea sachets is the simplest solution and answer to all your travel inconveniences. Does not matter if you are driving to your work place, taking a flight to another city, or looking for a quick refreshing break to your hectic schedule. TE-A-ME Ice Brew sachets are easy to travel with as it occupies minimal space and are safe to carry.

Whats more! You hardly need 5 minutes to prepare your iced tea, wherever you are! Your favourite mug, a TE-A-ME sachet, few ice cubes, and water is all you need to make an iced tea. If that does not please you, why not put an iced tea bag and pour cold water in your travel bottle and enjoy it on the go!

If there is anything we love in our busy lives, it’s a powerful drink we can grab on the go. Long have soda can and bottled water been mainstay of those seeking a cold drink while in the car or on the bus. Now with so many interesting flavors and health benefits of ready-to-drink teas, tea sachets to take on the go have a greater variety than ever.