The Best 6 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

From its humble origin in China centuries back, green tea has won hearts of tea lovers worldwide for its obvious goodness and sweet delicate after-taste. In case you don’t know, it is produced from the same Camellia sinensis plant which sources our black teas. The difference lies in production process. Green tea is not heavily oxidized unlike, black and oolong teas and it helps to keep qualities of natural anti-oxidants intact. We shall discuss the best 6 benefits of green tea here.

Might Help in Curing various types of cancer

There are experimental evidences of regular green tea consumption lowering incidence of oesophageal cancer and oral cancer. High consumption of green tea has been observed to reduce risk of liver and stomach cancer too. However, exact reasons behind these impacts have not yet been fully understood and being researched at this moment.

Impact on heart diseases

Death from cardiovascular diseases reduces in correlation with green tea consumption as per various observational studies. Even a slight increase in consumption of green tea, by a cup daily, reduces occurrence of death from cardio vascular problems by 5%. Scientists confirm that regular green tea consumption reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Reducing diabetes mellitus

In case you don’t know, diabetes mellitus is a condition of high glucose level in blood. Consumption of green tea reduces fasting level of blood glucose. Polyphenols and flavonoids in green tea, due to their anti-oxidative properties, reduce free radicals and counter oxidative stress, a key cause behind insulin-resistance and diabetes.

Countering your obesity

Green tea is known to have strong preventive effect on weight gain. Caffeine in green tea and the natural anti-oxidants help burning accumulated fat. It increases base metabolic rate and help us burn calorie as well as fat. It has been observed that infusion of green tea and honey is particularly effective for losing weight. It keeps you active throughout the day while you are in your fitness regime.

Reducing mortality

As per observational studies, regular consumption of green tea reduces overall mortality rate, especially among Asian male and female. Studies confirm that the rate of reduction is as much as 4% for a daily cup of green tea consumption.

Treating skin diseases

Pimples and acne cysts are very common among male and female. Other than obvious hormonal impact, there are other reasons to these diseases. Increased sebum secretion, skin infections and dust pollution are some of them. ECGCs and other polyphenols in green tea help reducing infection in hair follicles as well as lower excessive sebum secretion. So, you can control re-occurrence of pimples and acnes.

The list, of course, does not end here. There are many other qualities that you can enjoy in a cup of green tea. And all these goodness have made green tea a new age beverage for health conscious people living fast life. Fan club is rapidly increasing worldwide. So, why wait anymore? Make green tea a part of your regular diet and gift your health all the goodness of this herbal infusion.