Enjoy Green Tea with Mint

A hot cup of tea with mint leaves makes for an instant refreshment to the mind. The smell, flavour and fresh finish on the palette is soothing to the body and soul equally. A stressed hot summers day or a sweaty afternoon, Green Tea with Mint makes for a perfect go-to relaxation and rejuvenation drink. Mint is often synonymous with freshness. A minty green tea is a combination of grassy notes of green tea paired with cool fresh after taste of mint flavour. Green tea with mint, the best part, can be consumed cold & iced or steaming hot. So you don’t have to worry about your tea getting cold, if it does, just add a dash of ice cubes and its still as delightful!

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Tea Varieties with Higher Caffeine Content and How it can Help You

Green and Black Tea High in Caffeine

The most satisfying few minutes after waking up is watching the sunrise and a cup of refreshing tea. It is probably the integral part of many people’e mornings. Its one energising yet simplest rituals of the day. The best part? It’s a preparation that takes about few minutes but readies you for the longest most arduous days. Some find coffee too acidic for an early morning empty stomach beverage. Many break a sweat or two and others get jittery with consumption of coffee.

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