Recipe and Benefits of Kadha Green Tea

What is Kadha Green Tea

Kadha is a traditional potion or a concoction of herbs & spices. Post Pandemic, Kadha is the new normal in every household. While varieties of recipes have emerged with multitudes of ingredients, an upgrade to the same old Kadha is the Kadha Green Tea! So your daily sip of green tea is now also an amazing immunity booster & a detox – with TE-A-ME Kadha Green Tea. Kadha helps in detox, cleansing & revitalisation of body. The zesty scents of spices and grassy notes of ancient herbs is an instant uplift when it comes to this potion.

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kadha green tea

TE-A-ME’s Kadha Green Tea is a fragrant, spicy & herbal ingredients packed into a convenience of a tea bag – a modern take for the life that’s fast paced & too busy to be otherwise brewing an hour long preparation of Kadha tea. Kadha Green Tea blend uniquely brings together warming benefits of black pepper, rock salts, tulsi, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon & asafoetida with green tea – all packed in the right combination into the convenience of tea bags. What else could one ask for? Kadha Green Tea makes for an exceptional experience teeming with benefits for the body and mind alike.

Benefits of Kadha Green Tea

Kadha is a fragrant, exotic, strong, healthful infusion that extracts into boiling water all the benefits of warm spices and their unbeatably fine fragrances. The relaxing aroma of spices along with salty notes will relieve you of nasal congestions and give multitudes of benefits.

  1. Fight Infections: Antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties may be present in spices of black pepper, ginger & cloves. They may provide relief to symptoms of infection like sore throats, cough, cold and allergies.
  2. Soothing: The Kadha Green Tea may act as stress relief, loosen up your nasal muscles, especially when you are recovering from viral infections. Fragrance of spices may improve your mood, enable you to breathe better and help you relax. Adding slight bit of rock salt in this tea also helps relieve muscle cramps.
  3. Weight Loss: Catechins in Green tea may help increase metabolic rate and thus decrease body fat. Along with the spices like ginger, cloves, black pepper, this kadha tea makes for an ideal weight loss tea. The warmth of spices also creates warmth in the stomach to enhance its fiery elements that may help in burning fat.
  4. Digestion: Black pepper has diuretic property that may relieve bloating and stomach discomforts. The tea also enables you to improve digestion. Ginger & cloves in any Kadha tea also enhances this process. However, these spices need to be controlled in quantities and too much of the heat inducing spices can be counter productive.
  5. Healthy Heart: Regular consumption of Green Tea may help maintain a healthy heart as it is said to have a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases. Black pepper may also control cholesterol levels. This recipe of Kadha is a supportive or alternative form of supplement and in no way a medical treatment.

Recipe of Kadha Green Tea

Every household has a different recipe of a Kadha. But here’s a basic rule – combine warm spices & fragrant herbs that you can intuitively feel will taste good together in right quantities. For instance, too much of black pepper may increase the heat of Kadha or too much ginger & turmeric may make the Kadha unpleasant to taste. Here’s a list of ingredients that you can use in your Kadha Green Tea:

Black pepper, rock salts, tulsi, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, liquorice root, cardamom, cinnamon & asafoetida. You may adjust the quantities according to the need, availability and taste likings and follow the process:

  1. Bring water to boil
  2. Add the spices of your choice
  3. Boil the concoction for at least 15-20 minutes.
  4. Many recipes will tell you to boil down to half the water – that will require longer time, like an hour or so.
  5. Brew green tea as usual.
  6. Combine green tea & Kadha in 50:50 proportions
  7. Sweeten with jaggery or honey, if preferred.

TE-A-ME Kadha Green Tea is a quick fix of this elaborate recipe. Quick & easy, the tea bags dipped in hot water is truly a cup of good health with gentle balance of pepper, cloves, ginger, asafoetida, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. The taste is refreshing, mellow yet spicy. And you don’t have to worry about the right proportions each time! The experts at TE-A-ME have got your back! Order online today!


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