5 Frequently Asked Questions on Green Teas

Popularity of green tea is increasing globally; and so do increasing people’s willingness to know more about it. It’s natural; because today consumers make conscious decisions. And for that knowing facts is very important. Let’s try to find out answers to frequently asked questions about green tea.

#1. What is green tea extract? 

Common practice is to have green tea as beverage. However, in some parts of the world, China and India, green tea is ingested as extract prepared from leaves of Camellia sinensis or, as commonly known, tea leaves. In terms of active ingredients, there is not much difference is content between green tea as beverage and green tea as extract as both contain nearly similar amount of active compounds, polyphenols. Tea plant produce polyphenols to protect itself from various microoganisms. However, there is one distinct benefit of green tea extract over the drink; and that is, extract contains less amount of caffeine. As per modern health science it is good for health. Though, same thing make extract less stimulant. For that reason green tea extract is often used in traditional medicine.

#2. What is green tea made of?

Green tea is processed leaves of Camellia sinensis or the common tea plant. It is the same plant from which we get black tea and oolong tea. The difference is in the processing. Unlike black tea leaves and oolong tea leaves, green tea does not go through extensive withering and oxidation. It helps to retain considerable amount of active compounds and anti-oxidants, like, polyphenols, in green tea and make it a very healthy beverage. Depending on the nature of soil, growing weather, plantation method and processing, quality of green tea varies and so do the taste.

#3. What kind of green to drink for weight lose? 

All over the world green tea is well recognized for its fat burning quality. And it does that in several ways. Without going into detailed physiological basis of green tea-induced weight loss, we can broadly say that green tea helps in losing weight by increasing metabolism and preventing fat accumulation. All variety of green tea is good for this purpose. However, it has been observed that green tea mixed with honey and lemon is particularly effective. You can use naturally blended green tea honey lemon for this purpose.

#4. What is the use of green tea?

As a beverage, green tea posses multiple health benefits because of its rich polyphenol and anti-oxidant content. Broadly speaking, other than inducing weight loss, green tea also helps in

  • Countering diabetes mellitus
  • Impacting heart diseases
  • Treating skin diseases
  • Soothing nerves
  • Fighting cancers

#5. What goes good with green tea?

We all know that not all food go well with every type of beverages. Same is true for green tea. Mostly, in terms of flavour, there are 3 varieties of green teas available world wide – vegetal Chinese, fruity Indian and smoky Japanese. Depending on these flavors food should also vary. Broadly speaking,

  • Vegetal green tea is good for pairing with seafood.
  • Fruity variety goes well with sweet and lighter meals
  • Smoky variety is strong and hence goes well with food having strong flavors. Sweet food might make this variety tastes bitter.

Have you received answer to the question in your mind? If not feel free to ask Teame Teas. We will be happy to answer all your queries regarding green tea. In case your question is not in the list we’ll happy to update our FAQ with your query too. Enjoy your cuppa and boost up your health.

When is the Best Time to Drink Green Tea?

You have decided to add green tea to your daily diet; but not sure yet when to take green tea or how many cups you should have daily! Well; don’t worry. Many of us have had this question at the beginning. In fact it’s a legit question; because timing is very crucial in daily diet. Body reacts with what we eat or drink differently at different time of the day and different seasons in a year.

Let us first understand when you should not have green tea.

First thing in the morning?

A cup of regular green tea contains lots of

  • phytochemicals, like, polyphenols, caffeine
  • anti-oxidants, like, flavonoids

These are all active compounds. Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant. So, it is natural that you might prefer having green tea in the morning once you wake up.

Wait a sec. This is not advisable as having green tea in empty stomach can harm your liver. So, don’t make green tea your first thing in the morning.

Just after meal?

Too many people are habituated to drink tea or coffee just after lunch or dinner. This is not an advisable habit too. It directly interferes with digestion of meal. You don’t get complete benefit of either. Similarly, having a cup tea or coffee before meal is also not advisable. It impairs your appetite. Same is true for green tea.

Always try to maintain a gap of at least an hour before or after meal while having green tea. It actually stimulate body’s nutrition ingestion capability and also improves appetite; other than regular benefits.

Before you go to bed?

Never ever drink green tea just before you are going to sleep. Caffeine in green tea will keep you awake and disturb your sleep cycle. This is true despite the fact the caffeine content in green tea is much less than coffee or a cup of strong black tea. Besides, green tea is diuretic; induce urination. That would also hamper a sound sleep.

So, when is the best time to drink green tea?

  • Around 9:30 to 10 am just before starting the regular work schedule
  • Before or after meal with at least an hour gap
  • Roughly 30 minutes before your exercise schedule

Also, try to go lighter on green tea during winter. That might cause dehydration in dry winter weather. Summer is the best time to have green tea. And prefer not to take more than 3 to 4 cups green tea. Otherwise, it might drain out essential elements from your body.

How to Prepare Perfect Green Tea at Home

Green tea before breakfast

Green tea before breakfast

Ellie, you don’t need to learn making tea!
Who said you that Ravi?
Isn’t it simple making green tea! Like, have some hot water, steep the tea and stain before your pour in your cup.

Well that depends.

Indeed. Everyone knows how to make tea even if he or she has never tried in own hand. So, what is so especial about preparing perfect green tea at home?

Let’s have a look at what’s the standard preparation of green tea.

  • Heat up water
  • Place your green tea leaves in tea pot
  • Pour hot water
  • Steep for a while
  • Stir a spoon inside tea pot to make tea infusion even
  • Pour tea in the cup

Why green tea making is a little delicate?

Green tea is less processed; hence contains good amount astringency components and flavouring components. They dissolve in water at different temperatures. Astringency components, like, catechins, are particularly good for health. For good dissolve of astringency components, we need around 80-90 degree Celsius temperature; however, at such temperature flavours tend to fade out making the tea bland. Water quality also impact flavour. So, maintaining temperature and water quality is key to making perfect green tea.

So, the last words…

  • In case you are having high quality flavour green tea or naturally flavoured green tea then you need to keep the water temperature around 70 degree Celsius.
  • For better astringency, keep the water at around 90 degree Celsius.
  • Use low mineral water; for tap water make sure to remove chlorine odour before using.
  • For low temperature steeping keep the green tea for around 120 – 150 seconds. For high temperature steeping correct duration would be around 60 seconds.

Te-a-me Teas is well known name in the world of quality tea. You can choose your favourite green tea flavour in loose as well as in tea bags. Next time, remember the points we just discussed for preparing your perfect cup of green tea.

Solace of Ice Brew in this Thorny Summer

Scathing heat waves, sweat and perennial squirm. Summer is here. Life seems like an endless road in the middle of a thirsty desert. You need something to hold onto through this torturous time; something that cab give solace to the gentle soul.

Cold water? Err… not much comforting. Cold latte? Too much caffeine. Sleepless nights. How about a very long glass of Ice Brew?

Ice Brew!!! There is something in the name. That feels like a respite in scorching summer. But wait a minute. Is it something hot steeped and then cooled? No. Not at all. Rather it’s cold brewed; and served on the rocks.

Wow. That would be really soul freshening; especially on a summer afternoon or just after sun down.

Yes. Undoubtedly. For the first time in India, TE-A-ME is offering the range of, one and only kind, ice brew drink. A delicious, all-natural and super-healthy blend of fruits, herbs and all the good things in every sip. No boiling water. No steeping herbs. No mixing with ice to cool down. No added sugar. No artificial color.

It’s simple to make and super cool to have.

  • Place the bag in a glass of water
  • Pour ice and stir well
  • Keep it for 5 minutes
  • Voila! Enjoy

Get you Ice Brew bags today. Choose from the nerve-soothing flavours:

Lychee – The iced rush of fresh lychees is all you need for the summer afternoon by the pool.

Wild berry – Taste the smooth romance of summer strawberries and ripe raspberries blended with crushed ice. Made for your sunny days.

Lemon – Warm summer evenings? Lose yourself in zesty, lemony delicious dipped in ice. Freshness awaits in every sip you take.

Mint Green – This iced blend gives you the sharp zest of icy mint any time of the day. The best part? It’s balanced with calming green tea.

Peach – It’s the smooth satisfaction of fresh peaches blended with the bold flavour of black iced tea.

And gift yourself the best thing in this summer.