TEAME Green Teas: Feel the Difference

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Here goes the blog post.

I am not much of a great “tea lover” but eventually, started having tea when I started with my first job. And then it was unavoidable to not to have a cup of tea daily. A sip of this hot drink was like it was sharing my work related pressure and suddenly I would feel rejuvenated. Thus, started my journey to a regular tea drinker and along with it started some acidity related problems. And one day my doctor abstained me from drinking any more tea. Now, I had to find a substitute and then my mother suggested me to have Green tea. She told me innumerable benefits of consuming it regularly. Green tea has an abundance of antioxidants and is helpful in digestion, thus reducing some extra accumulated stubborn fat.

Then I was convinced to opt for green tea after doing a detailed research about its positive outcomes. I bought my first packet of green tea of a well known brand but was not pleased by its sour taste. I never drank it again until I came across TE-A-ME green teas.

TE-A-ME teas taste is too good. I got 3 flavours Natural Green tea, Honey Lemon green tea, Tulsi green tea. All of them are so good in taste that I’m love with them. Now I consume them every day.

Although we can add these added ingredients to simple green tea for additional benefits, but TE-A-ME has introduced different flavours to enable its users to consume tea with convenience.

All I can say is “Te Amo” to “TE-A-ME”. It is just like what their tagline says “It’s better, not bitter”.

My Rating: 5/5

Packaging: Superb. Each tea bag is enclosed in a sealed pack. Which ensures locking the natural aroma of rest of the tea bags, even after opening the outer pack.

Availability: Easily available on their website on good discount(if applicable). Order yours now! And feel the difference.

Which Green Tea is the Best for Health Benefits

‘Don’t have time for gym. Hectic life…’
‘Same with me; though I have started taking green tea.’
‘Does that helps?’
‘Of course! Green tea offers loads of health benefits.’
‘Wow! Is that so? Can you suggest which green tea is good for weight loss?’

Well; that was a conversation between two friends, in their 30s, we just overheard few days back. Busy work schedule is robbing off time from our daily life. We don’t get much time to take care of our health and fitness. So, it is very important to maintain healthy diet; like, having green tea regularly. Now you might ask which green tea is best for health benefits. Let’s have quick look.

Different green teas and health benefits:

As you know green tea is not heavily oxidized unlike, black teas and oolong teas; it helps to keep qualities of natural anti-oxidants intact in green teas. And because of this reason, green tea is full of goodness for your health, like,

  • Revving up metabolism
  • Helping to lose weight
  • Keeping heart safe
  • Reducing diabetes mellitus
  • Managing pimples and acnes

There are different types of green teas available, starting from natural green tea leaves to exotic infusions of green tea; each offering different types of health benefits. Let’s have a quick look.

  • Mint green tea – Made of natural extract of mint and green tea leaves. It naturally boosts immunity; relieves stress, anxiety; helps overcoming respiratory troubles and tackle bad breath.
  • Jasmine green tea – Made of extracts of Jasmine flower and green tea. Other than the soothing aroma it prevents common cold, tackle bacterial infections and helps improving blood circulation.
  • Honey lemon green tea – It is made of pure honey lemon and natural green tea. Honey lemon is famous for improving immunity, helping digestion and cleansing your body by removing toxins.
  • Tulsi green tea – Natural Tulsi extract helps to detoxify body; prevent common cold and infections.

You can start with any one of these varieties or simple natural green tea unless you have any specific requirement. Regular 2 to 3 cups of green tea would surely boost your health. TE-A-ME Teas offer wide range of green teas. They are all made of natural extracts and naturally blended for the best possible benefit. So, do not wait any more. Start your healthy diet with healthy cup of green tea.

Where One can Buy Green Tea?

Shalu! I am planning to start having green tea daily.
That’s good. It is full of goodness you know.
Yes. But not sure yet where to get buy green tea.
Why? Does that matter?


Yes. Green tea is fantastic for the health; but taking care while getting your green tea is equally important. Otherwise, there could be consequences.

Pesticides – Usage of pesticide is common in tea plantation. It is equally common finding the traces of such chemicals in your cuppa if proper care is not taken while processing. So, always be particular about sources of your green tea. Organic is definitely better. Don’t just settle for anyone claiming organic. Check their certificate. Otherwise, you can go for companies sourcing their green tea for trusted sources.

Whole leaf – Loose green tea leaves are far better and richer in quality compared to your regular green tea bags as you get more whole leaves while buying loose teas. However, we all know tea bags are convenient to store and easier for making your cup of green tea. So, you don’t need to ditch green tea bags when and where it is needed. Just take care of the brand and sources of raw leaves.

Freshness – This is another important thing to look out for; date of plucking. Generally, on retail packages we get date of packing and not the date of actual plucking. So, be careful about that. The fresher your green tea leaves the better it is.

Having said all, how could you actually buy a pack of green tea that fits all these criteria? After all, there is not point in destroying your mental composure for a cup of good green tea!

Don’t worry! We have few check list that you can trust while buying green tea.

  1. Don’t rely too much on your grocery store guy for selection of your green tea.
  2. Bulk tea makers or supermarket green tea brands are not reliable for good quality green tea. They are in volume business and not after nitty-gritty of quality. Take no offence please!
  3. You can rely on specialized green tea brands as it is their forte. Though, they are mostly available online.
  4. Always check background of the brand and the company.
  5. Try tasting multiple brands before zeroing on any one as your trusted choice of green tea.

In case you are interested, TE-A-ME teas fits all the above check. They take meticulous care in every aspect of green tea before packing; and after packing too. And TE-A-ME green teas are available in multiple naturally blended flavours for your all sorts of green tea requirements. Give it a try.

5 Frequently Asked Questions on Green Teas

Popularity of green tea is increasing globally; and so do increasing people’s willingness to know more about it. It’s natural; because today consumers make conscious decisions. And for that knowing facts is very important. Let’s try to find out answers to frequently asked questions about green tea.

#1. What is green tea extract? 

Common practice is to have green tea as beverage. However, in some parts of the world, China and India, green tea is ingested as extract prepared from leaves of Camellia sinensis or, as commonly known, tea leaves. In terms of active ingredients, there is not much difference is content between green tea as beverage and green tea as extract as both contain nearly similar amount of active compounds, polyphenols. Tea plant produce polyphenols to protect itself from various microoganisms. However, there is one distinct benefit of green tea extract over the drink; and that is, extract contains less amount of caffeine. As per modern health science it is good for health. Though, same thing make extract less stimulant. For that reason green tea extract is often used in traditional medicine.

#2. What is green tea made of?

Green tea is processed leaves of Camellia sinensis or the common tea plant. It is the same plant from which we get black tea and oolong tea. The difference is in the processing. Unlike black tea leaves and oolong tea leaves, green tea does not go through extensive withering and oxidation. It helps to retain considerable amount of active compounds and anti-oxidants, like, polyphenols, in green tea and make it a very healthy beverage. Depending on the nature of soil, growing weather, plantation method and processing, quality of green tea varies and so do the taste.

#3. What kind of green to drink for weight lose? 

All over the world green tea is well recognized for its fat burning quality. And it does that in several ways. Without going into detailed physiological basis of green tea-induced weight loss, we can broadly say that green tea helps in losing weight by increasing metabolism and preventing fat accumulation. All variety of green tea is good for this purpose. However, it has been observed that green tea mixed with honey and lemon is particularly effective. You can use naturally blended green tea honey lemon for this purpose.

#4. What is the use of green tea?

As a beverage, green tea posses multiple health benefits because of its rich polyphenol and anti-oxidant content. Broadly speaking, other than inducing weight loss, green tea also helps in

  • Countering diabetes mellitus
  • Impacting heart diseases
  • Treating skin diseases
  • Soothing nerves
  • Fighting cancers

#5. What goes good with green tea?

We all know that not all food go well with every type of beverages. Same is true for green tea. Mostly, in terms of flavour, there are 3 varieties of green teas available world wide – vegetal Chinese, fruity Indian and smoky Japanese. Depending on these flavors food should also vary. Broadly speaking,

  • Vegetal green tea is good for pairing with seafood.
  • Fruity variety goes well with sweet and lighter meals
  • Smoky variety is strong and hence goes well with food having strong flavors. Sweet food might make this variety tastes bitter.

Have you received answer to the question in your mind? If not feel free to ask Teame Teas. We will be happy to answer all your queries regarding green tea. In case your question is not in the list we’ll happy to update our FAQ with your query too. Enjoy your cuppa and boost up your health.