5 Iced Teas You Should Try This Summer

lychee iced tea

Summers or winters, tea is timeless! The beverage is so dynamic in nature, it can be iced into delicious flavours to suite the mood of scorching summers! Experimenting away with green tea, black tea, sencha tea, oolong tea and even caffeine free fruit & flower infusions have never been more fun. Pairing this versatile drink with fruits and syrups make it even more interesting. Here are 5 Iced Teas you should try this summer:

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Benefits of Drinking Pure Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been popular as a traditional remedy for a range of health disorders. Today, researchers are increasingly exploring its effectiveness in managing today’s chronic and lifestyle diseases. So far, potency of chamomile tea has suggested promising outcomes. However, conclusive studies have not been made. Hence, chamomile tea is safe to try as a supplement to mainstream treatments, but it should not replace these medical treatments.

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Assam or Darjeeling? Here’s How to Pick.

How often have we come across this choice and picked just any, without a thought! India is amongst the largest producers of tea and yet, most Indians are unaware of the difference between the Assam tea and Darjeeling tea. Well, apart from the names, which are a give away of the geographical origin of these varieties, very few of us could tell the other differences. This article discusses much of these differences, subtle and obvious.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Different Varieties of Tea

Tea has been a part of many cultures, all over the world. Tea has made its way into human life for centuries, either in form of recreational or leisure drink, as medicinal drink or a drink to revive and rejuvenate from a tiring day. With different geographies, myriads of varieties of teas & tisanes came into popularity. Slowly these varieties picked up likings all over the world and today we have a plethora of teas to chose from, be it Chamomile Flower Tea from Egypt, Sencha Green Tea from Japan, Rooibos Herbal Tea from Africa or Darjeeling Black Tea from India.

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