Iced Tea vs Hot Tea: Which One is Better for Health?

Iced Tea

Here’s to the most popular beverage, the talk of the town: tea! Made of camelia sinensis plants, the one bud and two leaves make for a versatile drink that takes so many forms, assumes so many flavours and yet retain all its benefits. Tea can be consumed hot or cold. In both its forms, it is incredible to note how different the same tea leaves can taste. But which one is better for health? Iced tea or hot tea? Well, it depends what benefit you are looking for:

Iced Tea
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Activities You can Enjoy While Having Ice Brews

Teas, Infusions & Ice Teas make for best companions. There’s hardly any activity that you love & enjoy for your leisure times, that may not pair well with the beloved beverage of Tea. Reading, shopping, binging on shows, chilling with friends, working out, travelling, cleaning up, cooking, working, conferences, winding down, paintings, watching the sun rise, listening to music. Ice brews in particular are perfect mates for hot summer activities or sweaty activities, maybe activities that heat you up mentally! All in all, there’s a tea for every occasion. Here is our take on what activities you can undertake with a sipper full of iced tea:

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We all love the good old iced tea in summertime. Or in the October heat. Or during the afternoon spike in temperatures. The mental heat. Be it whatever, a chilled glass of iced tea can fix all sort of heat. Making iced tea is easy. However there are lot of options to buy iced tea online. So it gets even easier. Here are some recipes you can try out if you love iced teas. You dont need much, just some good old black tea or green tea.

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Explore the Taste of 4 Teas in 1 Pack

Green Tea is an all time favourite beverage – for weight watchers, caffeine sippers, readers, tea lovers, connoisseurs, the late nighters, all alike ! But let’s face it, it does get a little boring at times. Want to perk up the green tea experience a bit? Pick yourself a 4-in-1 pack by TE-A-ME. It comes with 4 different flavours of green tea, you are sure to love it.

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