Try Cold Brew this Hot Summer!

Ice Brews Tea

Living in a subtropical country, our food and beverage preferences change with seasons. Tea, however, has been a constant. Well, just the form of consumption may change. To all the iced tea fanatics, we have good news. To all those who cant live without Tea but end up breaking into a sweat, we have good news. To all those who are health conscious, yet enjoy a good beverage on hot days, a good good news here!

TE-A-ME Teas bring you Ice Brew tea, that which are iced tea packets containing pyramid tea bags, no different than your usual tea bags, yes, but with a twist. They can be brewed in cold water! They are highly portable, individually wrapped tea packets that are available in 5 different flavors:

1. Wild Berry: Fruity, tangy and sharp flavors of Strawberries and Raspberries are balanced with sweetness of Rose Petals and Marigold flowers that are just right to bring cool your summer days. This refreshing, healthy wild berry iced tea is curated using 100% natural ingredients. And well the color it brings to your water, that is sure to make you grin wide. So sip away this citrusy magic !

wild berry ice tea

2. Lemon: Because the transition into the summer is incomplete without the nimbu paani or the slightly mainstream Lemon Iced Tea. So here we are with our zesty Lemon iced tea. How could we not? Just add water and sip away your water that is a blast of citrus sweetness of Lemon with lemongrass and black tea and a lot more.

lemon iced tea

3. Lychee: Theres seldom a palate that which does not approve of a cold sweet lychee infused drink. With flowery ingredients of Rose Petals, Marigold, Hibiscus, sweetness of Apple and tangy Rosehip, this drink brings you flavors of natural Lychee, with perfect ingredient combination, at the tip of your fingers! Just add cold water, and voila!

lychee iced tea

4. Mint: We bring you a natures button to refresh with this Mint Iced Tea. The heat of peak summer can, not only drain energy, but also leave you feeling stressed and exhausted. A minty fresh cold brew helps cool you down; it relaxes muscle and is sure to bring a smile of relief. Our Mint Cold Brew flavor is blended with Lemongrass and Green Tea, need we say more?

5. Peach: One of finest, most loved and all time favorite flavor of iced tea has been Peach Iced Tea. And we know it! Heres a blend of 100% natural Peach flavor, Black Tea, Marigold, Rose Petals that will bring you to your oh-so-peachy moment is a jiffy. Just add water, some ice and you got it!

peach iced tea

Make way for a healthiest summer, with citrusy antioxidants, sugar free sweetness, and a second line of defense next to your SPF! With first of its kind in India, TE-A-ME brings flavorful, all natural, Cold Brews to your summer convenience.

This season, Make Water Interesting !

3 Major Types of Chamomile Flowers

Interesting to note, there are several different types of chamomile flowers, like Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Moroccan chamomile, Yellow chamomile, Wild chamomile, Egyptian chamomile. Teas, however, are prepared only from Roman, German and Egyptian lot.

1. Roman Chamomile: A perennial herb native to western Europe, distinguished from others by its thick grey green leaves. This type is traditionally used to treat gastrointestinal disorders like nausea, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, vomiting, gas. Like most chamomiles, it also helps relieve inflammation of skin. Used Tea bags of this variety can double up for perfect under eye soothing pack or dabbed onto skin for local skin irritability, itchiness, rashes or redness.

2. German Chamomile: ?It comes from Europe, Western Asia and can be found in temperate North America and Australia. Oil of this variety is credited for its anti-inflammatory, sedative, antispasmodic, and anti-oxidant properties. The stem of this chamomile is smoother as compared to Roman chamomile herb.

3. Egyptian chamomile: Native to the lush valley along the Nile River in Egypt, this variety of chamomile produced is considered to be the highest-grade, best chamomile in the world! The tea made from Egyptian chamomile herb has a warm, earthy flavor with a pleasant fruity aroma. Egyptian chamomile tea is deep-yellow in color and has a sweet, floral taste. The calming, soothing, refreshing infusion from this variety is best to put you to a sound, relaxing sleep!

Chamomile in TE-A-ME Teas is invariably sourced the best ? Egyptian Chamomile. The golden yellow purity of this infusion is as assuring as its aroma. The first sip will reflect its true magic and the last one will keep you wanting more!

Chamomile Tea: What is it and How its made?

Chamomile is a beautiful white daisy-like flower that blooms on a herb, that which has been used for centuries for culinary and medicinal purposes. It has proven useful in relieving and even treating ailments like cold, fever, inflammation, stress and anxiety, muscle spasms, insomnia, ulcers, gastrointestinal issues, arthritic pain, infections, bloating, and a lot more!

The herb has fine aroma and is used in perfumes. Which brings us to its flavors, and its relevance in the world of beverages. Chamomile proves to be one of the very popular flavors in tea infusions across the world. Two major types are the German Chamomile and the Roman Chamomile, although more of their kind is available across the world.
Harvesting the Chamomile flowers is gentle yet labor intensive ordeal. The full bloom flower heads are plucked, leaving the stem behind. The flower heads are then left to dry in a warm, dark, dry area, or dried in a dehydrator. The flowers then can be used for up until 6 months.

Chamomile flower infusions are mostly blended with black tea or green tea leaves. By themselves, they are caffeine free infusions and prove to be a great treatment for insomnia, anxiety and stress. TE-A-ME Teas bring you pure Chamomile flower infusion that is picked from the finest Egyptian gardens. With every sip, you will experience the flowery magic of this timeless herb.