Different Types of Chamomile Tea

Consumed for centuries as a natural remedy for several health conditions, Chamomile flowers have been dried and drunk as tea throughout the ages. The infusion makes for an excellent caffeine-free alternative to black or green tea and for its earthy, sweet taste. Overloaded with work? Have cold? Allergies? Stressed out? Can’t sleep? Brew yourself a warm cup of infusion, experience the delightful floral fragrance and see your troubles disappear while you sip this magical brew of Chamomile infusion. There are many types of chamomile flowers like Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Moroccan chamomile, Yellow chamomile, Wild chamomile, Egyptian chamomile. Tea is made with only few.

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Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey and Lemon

Honey Lemon Green Tea has emerged as a popular flavour but drinking green tea paired with honey and lemon comes with myriads of health benefits. Honey and lemon are power houses of anti oxidants and disease fighting properties. Green tea comes with catechins and weight loss benefits. Here are some benefits of drinking green tea with lemon and honey:

Green Tea with Honey and Lemon
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