What is the Best Time to Drink Masala Tea

Masala tea is a beverage that originates in India. Traditional Indian households can’t go a day without having masala tea brew in their kitchen – either for guests, afternoon lows, mornings, celebrations or sometimes simply after a meal! Masala tea in wholly integrated in Indian culture and daily lives. Not surprisingly enough, every household have their own unique way of brewing a masala tea. The tea is a combination of many different spies – that includes ginger, cloves, cardamom sometimes pepper or cinnamon. It can be with out without milk.

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How the Immunity Booster Tea Can Keep You Healthy

Small drops make mighty ocean. Little grains of sand make the pleasant land. It implies that it is our small habits, small steps in the right direction that gives us the desired result – in this case, a good immunity. It is not that just tea will bolster that immunity for you one day, however if you regularly consume all that is required of your body for a robust immunity, you will not have to worry about a weakened immunity. Tea or kadha is one such ingredient. Actually, an array of ingredients. Immunity boosting teas are made using variety of herbs, spices and flowers that are known to support immune system. These can be consumed in yummy delicious permutations and combinations. Here are some Immunity Booster teas and how they can benefit you:

TE-A-ME Immunity Booster Tea
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