Kick Start Your Mornings with 7 Variants of TE-A-ME’s Best Picks

Mornings are determinants of the day. How you start your mornings makes truck load of difference on the quality of your day. An energy filled morning vs a groggy morning – its obvious which one would you pick. If you are a tea person, then you are just one brew away from a fantastic morning – for we have some amazing picks that will kick start your morning routine:

Assam Black Tea

Tea that is essentially born out of the Brahmaputra river. That’s right, Assam tea is a classic black tea from the state of Assam that is surrounded by the Himalayas. A vibrant, malty tea, that will wake you up and make you smile! TE-A-ME Assam tea is roasted and packed into tea bags – makes for a morning that is hassle free. TE-A-ME’s Assam black tea bags – dunk them into steaming hot water, and watch the colour – it sure makes for a strong and dark tea infusion with an earthy taste and a malty note. A good morning after all.

Darjeeling Black Tea

Darjeeling is nestled between the Himalayas and the Bay of Bengal – it brings you a distinctive flavour just as its unique location. What other tea would you like than a tea that reminds you of misty mountains and earthy smells? TE-A-ME’s Darjeeling black tea bags make for strong, malty and aromatic flavour & a rich body – a perfect morning tea. With a dash of lemon and some sweetener, and you hit the morning notes just right! Order TE-A-ME Darjeeling Black Tea bags online, order yourself a great morning!

Earl Grey

TE-A-ME’s Earl Grey is a bright, lively, citrusy & refreshing flavour that you’d seek on a misty morning! Bergamot in the tea gives the black tea unmistakable floral undertones. A delicious tea to look forward to – who wouldn’t want to wake up with a smile? A true olfactory charm for your mornings! Earl Grey is a classic English tea time treat that has been picking up popularity over the world.

Lemon Black tea

Black Lemon Tea

A classic black tea that everyone loves. Bright, crisp & tart, TE-A-ME’s Lemon Black Tea will wake you up with its lemony magic. The strong brisk cup and a good levels of caffeine makes Lemon black tea a perfect morning tea. Order your TE-A-ME lemon black tea online.

English Breakfast Black Tea

Wake up like the English do, with TE-A-ME’s English Breakfast – a marvellously strong cup with a malty strength and aroma – a perfect brew at your finger tips when you wake up in the morning – just dip the tea bags into hot water and freshen up as you inhale deeply the aromatic magic of this blend! A blend that is truly known for its strength and vigour – its almost hard to be lazy around this one! You can get it Online.

Kahmiri Kahwa Green Tea

Green tea also makes for a potent blend that will make thy mornings magical. Although low in caffeine, green tea Kashmiri Kahwa will wake you up and pump up your energy. Why? Antioxidants! In Green Tea and such many spices! That’s right, it’s surprising how the flavours and ingredients can spice up your mornings and kick start the day for you. TE-A-ME’s Kashmiri Kahwa tea bags make it even more easy for you, the otherwise a complex preparation of Kashmiri Kahwa! A perfectly fine good morning!

Honey Lemon Green Tea

A cup full of joy that brims with lemony aroma and sweet honey flavour – a perfect early morning tea. TE-A-ME’s Honey Lemon green Tea is always so special and can give your morning a certain zest with its lemony flavour and fine green tea. An unmistakably flavourful blend – its almost hard not to love!


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