Keep Boosting your Immunity with TE-A-ME Wellness Infusion Tea

Building immunity is definitely not a one time business. It seems to be a slow gradual process. Those with conscious lifestyles tend to have stronger immunities, for conscious lifestyle includes minimised junk intake, plenty exercise, restful sleep, nutritious foods, supplements and happy healthy social life. A simple act of sharing a tea with loved ones decreases stress hormones in the body and enhances body’s mechanisms to fight infections. Hard to believe? Plenty of research shows that eudaemonic well being benefits immune functions directly. Share that wellness tea with your beloved, sit back and sip on the good ingredients with happy thoughts and ease at mind – all this, regularly.

Immunity Booster Infusion Tea

TE-A-ME Wellness Infusion Teas come with nature’s goodness of immunity strengthening ingredients like ginger, cardamom, tulsi and much more. With regular consumption, these ingredients support body’s natural immune functions and keeps you healthy. Supplemented by all the required lifestyle changes, a simple switch in your regular beverage consumption can have a multipliers effect on immunity. Try the TE-A-ME Wellness Infusion Tea flavours today!

1. TE-A-ME Cardamom Turmeric Infusion:

Forget the hassle of brewing and boiling spices in the kitchen to make a kadha. TE-A-ME Wellness infusions eases the burden to the levels of just 3 minutes of brewing the tea bag in hot water! Voila, a delicious, full of warmth of cardamoms and goodness of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, cloves is ready. The senior citizens in your home are sure to love it, in the taste, and in the fact that it requires minimal effort from you. Turmeric is natural anti septic and the Indian spices used in this infusion will keep your body warm and help fight infections. Regular consumption of this warm beverage keeps you from catching cough and cold even in the flu season. Try it.

2. TE-A-ME Ginger Tulsi Honey:

Tulsi is revered for its medicinal properties for centuries. Today, tulsi finds its place in beverages like teas and infusions. Prolonged consumption of tulsi is highly beneficial for immunity due to its vitamin C and zinc content. Moreover, it may act as anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. These immunity boosting properties of tulsi may help body fight cough, cold and fever and keep it off. This infusion will sure become a favourite of your family for its simple and light flavour. Since it is caffeine free, this infusion is perfect to be consumed post dinner or right before sleeping. You may add a dash of honey to this infusion to enhance its natural honey flavour. Try it

3. TE-A-ME Tulsi Green Tea:

Green tea is a known anti oxidant. Tulsi an anti bacterial and anti viral. Together they make a power duo for enhancing health and wellness. An all rounder tea, which is good for any occasion, time or need, TE-A-ME Tulsi Green Tea makes for a delicious blend that is not bitter like many other green teas. Perfect pick me up and a great companion during flu season. Try it!


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