Iced Tea is Like a Summer in a Glass

Who isn’t fond of summer? The ice creams, juicy fruits, summer vacations, bright flowers, clear skies, and the cold drinks! We love the good old ice and a nice flavours in our glasses. Sometimes the cold drinks may get sugary, aerated, over caffeinated and down right unhealthy.

Not this time! TE-A-ME brings you Ice Brews that are delicious and healthy – made with all natural ingredients. And what’s the best part? It is like summer in a tall glass!! Sweet as summer fruits, bright as flowers and relaxing just like a long vacation! Yes, TE-A-ME has just brought you summer in your home. The best part? You can brew them in cold water! You can buy the TE-A-ME’s delicious Ice Brews Tea Online! Here are some delicious flavours you can explore:

1. TE-A-ME Ice Brew: Wild Berry

TE-A-ME’s Wild Berry ice brew is made with 100% natural ingredients that come together to give you the finest berry-licious, bright, fruity ice brew. This flavour is caffeine free and the pyramid tea bags release beautiful berry red colour into your cold water – it sure is a delightful sight. The flavour profile is that of tart berries and natural sweetness. You may add sweetener if required. Be sure to throw is as much ice as you like!

2. TE-A-ME Ice Brew: Mint

Mint Ice Brew flavour is an embodiment of how amazing Green Tea and Mint go together. This blend is also made of all natural ingredients and is sure to refresh you on a harsh summer afternoon. Mint Ice brew is perfect for winding down and calming your nerves. It is a mini vacation in your glass. You can easily buy this Mint Iced Tea Online.

3. TE-A-ME Ice Brew: Lemon

Lemon ice tea makes for an all time and universal favourite summer days magic. TE-A-ME’s Lemon ice brew is made using black tea and can be brewed in cold water. It has a right balance of caffeine and energy. It is a perfect replacement for sugary drinks and it can be brewed easily using just cold water. It pumps up your energy due to its caffeine content, but without the soda & artificial substances. This is a must have summer drink for all tea lovers.

4. TE-A-ME Ice Brew: Peach

A highly underrated but sweet, delicious and refreshing flavour of an iced tea is peach iced tea. TE-A-ME’s peach ice brew is made using black tea that comes with peach flavour using floral sweetness of rose petals and marigold. If there is a “well being” or “good health” iced tea – this is it! No need to add sugar. Peach iced brew comes with natural sweetness. Try it and order today this delicious Iced Tea Online.

5. TE-A-ME Ice Brew: Lychee

It’s a hard-to-get-your-hands-on flavour. But if you haven’t yet tried lychee flavoured iced tea, are you even a true iced tea fan? The sweetness of lychees in this caffeine free iced tea is refreshing and soothing. The flavour of lychees is derived using fruit peels and flowers, the 100% natural ingredients of apple peels, rose petals, hibiscus and marigold flower. The beauty of this ice brew lies in the goodness of its ingredients; not to forget the bright red, refreshing and exciting colour! All this is a tall glass, filled with ice to the brim, with condensed water trickling down its sides, what else is summer in a glass, if not this?

Could you even have more compelling reason to trade your summertime cold drinks for the refreshing Iced Tea? Consume this magic drink on regular basis to truly experience the summer time joy. You will soon find yourself experimenting with different flavour and even combine them into mocktails and salad dressings. You can find all the varieties of TE-A-ME’s Ice Brews online – find your favourite ones and stock them up!


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