How will you Benefited from Lychee in Your Cold Cup

Lychee ice tea

Having Lychee Iced Tea may be a nice way to enjoy tea and get some antioxidants from green tea at the same time. Cool and refreshing, this Iced Tea with Lychee can be truly awesome and refreshing summer cooler.

Lychee tea is often brewed as an iced tea to make a summer beverage, but it can also be served warm. Since it does include traditional black tea, there will be caffeine in this tea, but the sweetness of the fruit will minimize much of the astringency in this drink. As this fruit became more popular as an export around the world, the popularity of this tea also grew.

1. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Flavonoids, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and polyphenols like oligonol present in lychee tea may help with heart problems. In a research done on rats, oligonol increased endothelial nitric oxide levels that may have a positive effect on vasodilatory activity.

2. Strengthens Immune System

This tea provides a major immune system bump in the form of vitamin C, helping to stimulate white blood cell production and may protect against the common cold and flu.

3. Aids in Digestion

This tea was often consumed following a large meal, as the caffeine and antioxidants were believed to speed and smoothen the digestive process.

4. Helps Weight Loss

Caffeinated beverages can stimulate metabolism, thus may help to burn fat faster and may aid in weight loss goals. A study conducted on HepG2 (human liver cancer cells) revealed that oligonol treatment may lead to a restoration of insulin sensitivity and a decrease in lipid accumulation.

5. Anticancer Potential

Lychee, scientifically known as Litchi chinensis, was observed might have antitumor properties in a 2017 study published in the Nutrients journal. While further studies are required to fully explore its anticancer potential, these properties are being attributed to the bioactive compounds in the seeds, pulps, as well as the peel.

TE-A-ME Teas bring you several Ice Brew teas, that which are iced tea packets containing pyramid tea bags, no different than your usual tea bags, yes, but with a twist. They can be brewed in cold water! They are highly portable, individually wrapped tea packets that are available in 5 different flavors are follows –

  1. Wild Berry: Fruity, tangy and sharp flavors of Strawberries and Raspberries are balanced with sweetness of Rose Petals and Marigold flowers that are just right to bring cool your summer days. 
  2. Lemon: Because the transition into the summer is incomplete without the nimbu paani or the slightly mainstream Lemon Iced Tea. 
  3. Lychee: These seldom a palate that which does not approve of a cold sweet lychee infused drink. You can buy it online
  4. Mint: We bring you a natures button to refresh with this Mint Iced Tea. The heat of peak summer can, not only drain energy, but also leave you feeling stressed and exhausted.
  5. Peach: One of finest, most loved and all time favorite flavor of iced tea has been Peach Iced Tea.

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