Health Benefits of Drinking Different Varieties of Tea

Tea has been a part of many cultures, all over the world. Tea has made its way into human life for centuries, either in form of recreational or leisure drink, as medicinal drink or a drink to revive and rejuvenate from a tiring day. With different geographies, myriads of varieties of teas & tisanes came into popularity. Slowly these varieties picked up likings all over the world and today we have a plethora of teas to chose from, be it Chamomile Flower Tea from Egypt, Sencha Green Tea from Japan, Rooibos Herbal Tea from Africa or Darjeeling Black Tea from India.

These Teas come with plethora of health benefits. Here are listed a few of the benefits, most widely known and accepted.

1. Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

A) Relaxation & Stress Busting

Benefits of Herbal teas come from the herbs used in them. For instance, Ashwagandha Green Tea benefits are many, largely due to presence of multitudes of ashwagandha, a relaxing herb. A daily cup of may make you feel relaxed, calm your nerves and relieve your stress, at the same time keep you alert and active. Regular consumption of Ashwagandha tea may help reduce symptoms of mental health conditions as a supportive (but not substitute) remedy for anxiety & depression.

B) Detox

Presence of Licorice Root, Tulsi, Ginger & Turmeric in a Tea blend doubles it up as perfect detox tea that helps improve digestion, give you glowing skin, aid digestion and boost immunity. Black pepper has diuretic property that may relieve bloating and stomach discomforts. The tea also enables you to improve digestion.

C) Boost Immunity

Moringa in your Tea may help maintain a healthy Immune System, as the ingredients are said to have a protective effect against infections. Moringa Green Tea may act like a potion to cleanse your body, add strength & vitality, building that one line of defence against viral attacks.

2. Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

A) Rich Source of Antioxidants

The green tea plant contains a range of healthy compounds, polyphenols. Polyphenols are natural compounds that prove to have health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improve body’s cell repair capacity, and much more. In green tea, these are Catechins, which are also called ECGS compounds to be specific. These substances may help reduce the formation of free radicals in the body. You may have your skin looking younger and even fewer wrinkles.

B) May improve Brain Function

Green tea helps to keep you alert without giving you the caffeine jitters and the crash thereafter. It may also help boost brain function due to its right amount of caffeine content. Green tea makes for a perfect late night study partner or over time work companion.

C) Perfect Fat Loss Companion

Green Tea may improve metabolism, which has direct implications on your tendency to put on extra weight. Green Tea may help flush out toxins and extra water from digestive tract and bladder. Due to its diuretic property, the tea can help in removal of toxins from the body by relieving fluid retention.

3. Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

A) May Help Regulate Blood Sugar

Black Tea may help your body use insulin more effectively and reduce blood sugar levels. Thus, jasmine lemongrass green tea may assist you in regulating diabetes and blood sugar.
However, consumption of this Black Tea should be supplemented by other lifestyle changes like consuming fresh and healthy food along with regular exercise. The benefits mentioned assume that the tea is consumed without any sweeteners.

B) Improve Gut Health

The anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties of Black tea may help relieve inflamed stomach linings, gastric ulcers and remove the harmful bacteria residing in the stomach.

C) Keeps You Warm

Black tea is the perfect Tea to keep you warm on a rainy day or in a winter month. The variety is known to maintain your body warmth by slightly increasing your natural metabolism.

4. Benefits of Drinking Fruit & Flower Teas

A) Recreational Benefits

Fruit & Flower infusions could also be consumed as drinks for summer time in form of a mocktail or iced infusion. It makes for a great alternative to the sugary sweet soft drinks as the infusion is naturally sweetened by the fruit’s & flower’s sweetness.

B) Caffeine Free

Fruit & Flower infusions are rejuvenating drinks without giving you any caffeine jitters. Drinking a Fruit & Flower infusion may help reduce stress and create a relaxed sensation in the body and mind.

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