Enjoy Your Family Time with Wild Berry Iced Tea

It’s summer time! And looks like staying indoors or working from home is here to stay, at least for a while. Let’s try to reach homeostasis with this new normal? Connect with your family over teas, coffee, iced brews and lots of yummy preparations. Try wild berry iced tea, if you haven’t so, and share with your loved ones. Pro tip? Here’s that one drink you can even share a few sips with your children, since wild berry iced tea by TE-A-ME is caffeine free!

Wild Berry

TE-A-ME’s Wild Berry ice brew is made with 100% natural ingredients that come together to give you the finest berry-licious, bright, fruity ice brew. This iced brew can be brewed in cold water! The pyramid tea bags have these lovely ingredients of that release beautiful berry red colour into your cold water – it sure is a delightful sight. The flavour profile is that of tart berries and natural sweetness. You may add sweetener if required. Be sure to throw is as much ice as you like!

Get Creative

If you love berries and tart with sweet flavours in your iced beverages, here’s a natural one for you! Ditch the puree or the canned berries, the messiness of the kitchen and the blender. You may also tweak and get creative with TE-A-ME Wild Berry iced tea and with the brewing process while developing your own recipe! Add black or green tea, if you’d like some caffeine. Throw in a nice syrup and voila, you got a whole new dimension to explore! It can be combined with alcohol and even soda too – a great one for a small family celebratory evening!

Ingredients & Their Benefits:

Hibiscus: Rich source of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals, prevents wrinkles and protects heart

Apple Peel: Health benefits range from regulation of blood sugar, boosting immunity and to helping you keep your weight in check.

Rose Petals: Relieves digestive disorders with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and its floral aroma induces relaxation.

Marigold: The anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities of Marigold accrues a plethora of health benefits


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