Enjoy Green Tea with Mint

A hot cup of tea with mint leaves makes for an instant refreshment to the mind. The smell, flavour and fresh finish on the palette is soothing to the body and soul equally. A stressed hot summers day or a sweaty afternoon, Green Tea with Mint makes for a perfect go-to relaxation and rejuvenation drink. Mint is often synonymous with freshness. A minty green tea is a combination of grassy notes of green tea paired with cool fresh after taste of mint flavour. Green tea with mint, the best part, can be consumed cold & iced or steaming hot. So you don’t have to worry about your tea getting cold, if it does, just add a dash of ice cubes and its still as delightful!

As soothing and delightful as this flavour of green tea is, it comes with myriad of health benefits, some of which list as follows:

1. May Soothe Indigestion & Upset Stomach

Menthol in mint green tea helps soothe an irritated stomach lining due to increased acidity or infection. If you are battling constipation, stomach burns, stomach upsets, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, indigestion, a good mint tea is always helpful to be around in your kitchen that you can reach out easily. This should not be used when the trouble is severe or needs medical assistance, however, mint green tea is a great supplementary relief for a chronically upset tummy.

2. Helps Decrease Caffeine Dependency

Lets face it, coffee may give boost of energy, however also leads to jitteriness and the slump thereafter. Mint green tea contains low levels of caffeine, just right to lift you up, and the mint in the tea ensures you are relaxed and calm. This is a perfect go-to drink if you are trying to wean off of caffeine. Mint green tea also becomes a great evening beverage as it wont rob you off of your night sleep.

3. May Aid with Weight Loss

Mint flavour is an appetite suppressant. If you find yourself binge eating or cannot control your portions while on a weight loss journey, you may try drinking green tea with mint which helps you feel satiated longer. Another way to use green tea with mint is to have it after meals, which not only helps with better digestion but also keeps you from reaching out for post meal snacks. Green tea with mint also becomes a perfect drink to replace all the sugary desserts when you crave for one. Its a calorie free drink and may also improve metabolism.

4. May Support Immunity

Green tea and mint leaves contain compounds which are said to have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, all of which is helpful to aid & support a well functioning immune system. A warm cup of green tea with mint leaves also help to fight infections of throat, nose & upper respiratory tract. The warmth of the tea in your palms while inhaling the minty steam from the cup may also help relieve a stuffy congested nose on those otherwise irritable and uncomfortable cold & flu days. So grab your cosiest blanket, start your favourite show & brew yourself a green tea with mint on your down & out winter days.

5. May Provide Relief from Allergies

Seasonal allergies are a pain. There is absolutely nothing you can do about the pollen in the air. However, you can stock up your cupboard with green tea with mint or any tea with mint in it. Mint is known to provide relief from the allergic sneezing and nasal itching. Although this should not replace the usual medical treatment, mint green tea is an absolute best friend to those battling seasonal allergies.

6. Get a Minty Fresh Breath

This goes without saying, almost all oral hygiene products contains some form of mint flavour in it. Mint cancels out bad odour as well as act against bacteria growing inside the mouth.

7. May Relieve Muscle Stiffness

Mint green tea is soothing from the first contact – the smell. The olfactory senses are immediately happy as relieved. Mint is known to relax muscle tensions. If you are into sports, mint green tea may help in relaxing stiff muscles and even relieve soreness related pain. Mint green tea may also relieve headaches and stomach cramps or menstrual cramps.

So buy it online and stock it up! Green Tea with Mint is one of the most beloved and beneficial green tea flavours that you can enjoy anytime you like.


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