Including Unlimited Tea in Day Long Corporate Meetings – Ways and Solutions

Creating Effective Meetings

Tea is a great uniter, for lack of a better word. Theres no problem or crisis that cant be solved, abated or eased without the help of a cup of tea. TE-A-ME Teas offer variant blends to meet the needs of morning, noon and evening breaks, living up to the new and nontraditional needs of daylong corporate meetings.

The smooth and subtle flavor profile, combined with the ease of preparation; TE-A-ME Teas perform functional role in clearing brain fogs, boost brain function, revive mind and increase focus. Tea has been proven to increase output, without making you too jittery.

Herbal teas, fruit infusions, caffeine free variety serve as a great alternative to Masala Chai, which cannot be consumed at regular intervals.

What you need: Hot water thermos or a similar facility, teacups, and a range of TE-A-ME tea bags. Our tea bags are heat sealed to preserve and protect their characteristic fine taste, that which enables a consistent flavor with every experience. This in addition to light snack, toffees and biscuits will ensure a service that will continually draw your guests for more bookings!

Tea and Coffee Sachets for Hotels? – Placement, Usage and Experience

A Healthy Opportunity
Tea ranks as the second most consumed drink, after water. Inclusion of functional ingredients in TE-A-ME blends makes them a perfectly healthy drink, to be consumed any time, any day, for as many times as one feels the need. This brings us to the availability of the finest blends on just the right spots!

A Stay with an Experience: Strategic placement of tea sachets in and around hotel rooms not only cater to consumers that are conscious about making responsible food choices, but also expose a fine taste to those who arent.

A continued premiumisation of Tea has landed the beverage as an exquisite culinary ingredient, specialty drink, menu item, and into sparking beverages and cocktails. TE-A-ME Teas and Infusions can make for a go-to drink in your Spa & Recreational spots and pair perfectly well with the trending plant based diets and salads.

Not to forget, post traveling long distances and walking into a room with the stress of an eventful day, a sight of sparkling tea cups with an anticipation of aromatic warm tea might just be what any guest could ask for.

So what are we waiting for? Experiment away with the placements and usage, maybe the telephone desk, bedside tables, waiting lounges, next to the bar, into the shelves? Help your guests with a range of TE-A-ME Teas to unwind, renew, restore, rejuvenate, relax or cheer. We promise how every sip will have them smiling 🙂

Why Tea is Becoming the Core of Overall Hotel Menu planning?

Step aside Coffee, for Tea is Trending now!

Drinking a cup of Karak Chai sitting on the sofa, in front of the TV, newspaper or the significant Other is a daily ritual for the majority population in India. But might we say hello to the Millennials and their instagrammable ways to consume everything, that which includes the very popular beverage of India, in different forms and with different takes?

So into Aesthetics: Tea drinking norms have deviated from their old school, formal, set standards, set cutlery, set ingredients. The shift finds its root in the new culture of laid-back, lighthearted set ups of Lounge and Cafs that emerged with a trend in coffee consumption. They indeed make a perfect destination for a Date, or meet ups catch ups hangouts; coherent with hashtag coffee addict, paired with a selection of snacks, pastries or even light meals. Fancy, always! In this backdrop, Tea made its way to distinguish itself on the menus, redefining its new novelty.

Enter Health Conscious: In the last decade, India witnessed a large influx of the health conscious population. With markets flooding with a plethora of healthy alternatives to almost everything, enter: Green Tea. From the fitness freaks to the lovely housewives to corporate workers, Green Tea gracefully trickled its way into their cups, hearts, free time, break times and corporate meetings.

Upping the Game: The young, the millennials, and the working group are the growth cohorts. When mindful choices are in trend, Hotel Menu planning cant fall behind. The changing preferences along with discerning customers call for an elaborate planning. Green Tea has diversified to black, white, fermented, caffeine-free, fruit infusions, detox teas, witnessing a rising novelty, popularity and vast health benefits. Why then, even separate menu, for the rather glorious drink, not be considered?

Tea is one of the oldest traded commodities of the world. Today, the changing trends in tea consumption offer room for innovation and new formulations throughout the food and beverage spectrum. Recent studies around young tea drinkers have indicated that more than a third are willing to pay more for blends that offer added health benefits, such as antioxidant properties, anti-inflammation, weight loss or detox infusions.
A fine Tea experience, thus, can become memorable and evoke conversation of the place that can gracefully offer so. TE-A-ME Teas brings tea drinkers of all ages, a variety of fine blends that appeal to their variant palettes, moods and health needs.

How’s the Tea Cafe Culture Growing in India and Around the World?

In India, tea is not only a favourite drink, it is an integral part of the culture and life of every Indian. Besides being the most preferred household drink, tea is also celebrated outside the house in millions of tea stalls, virtually visible in every street corner of the country.

However, in a country, where no important decisions are taken without a cup of tea, the concept of branded tea cafés hasn’t flourished like its coffee counterparts…until now. This might be the abundance of tea in this subcontinent, which somehow downplayed its status substantially. Another reason could be that tea has always been sold on the sidewalks and railways stations, and not in cafés. Coffee, on the other hand, was rare, so it made it to the elite groups. Plus, the glitz and glamour of international coffee chains, which started entering India, was also responsible to a great extent in making coffee a style statement. These chic and shiny coffee parlours steadily made their way into posh upmarket localities, and quickly, turned into trendy and fashionable hangout zones for youngsters and college-goers.

The trend, nevertheless, is rapidly changing, with brands like TE-A-ME exclusively focusing on creating premium tea experiences through high quality teas in exciting assortment of flavours. As these new flavours get introduced in hotel menu planning, it’s giving tea a new place in the urban café culture and also elevating customer experience to a whole new level.

Apart from India’s very own Darjeeling tea and Assam tea, which has gathered a strong fan following across the world, variants like the ‘masala chai’, jasmine tea, and tea flavoured with lemon, mint, ginger, honey and so on are also making speedy inroads in the menu list.

The Love for Tea is Growing

It is interesting to see that countries that are usually considered as coffee-loving nations are now increasingly warming up to tea. Researchers from around the world support this notion too. Stanford geographer, Martin Lewis, points out how the geography of this hot beverage called tea is rapidly changing.

While India has always been a tea-loving country, cafés and restaurants can capitalize on this new wave of popularity by presenting tea in its new avatars. For instance, green tea is currently a fad among fitness-conscious, while its health benefits are scientifically proven. Including green tea and green tea-based drinks can appeal to a select section of consumers. Similarly, tea-based infusions in flavours like cranberry-apple, strawberry cream, and orange-ginger etc. can be a huge attraction for the young, college-going crowd. Aromatic spice teas and Classic black teas like Darjeeling and Assam teas are, of course, all-time favourites.

India’s Tea Café Culture is On the Rise

Rising income levels, growing aspirations, and an increasing demand for better consumer experiences are paving the way for exotic tea lounges in the country’s metro cities. Being set up as contemporary hangout zones for the young crowd, the total count of tea bars in the country presently stands at 250+, mirroring the coffee revolution ushered in by international coffee chains sometime around the early 2000s.

As more and more people are migrating to chai cafés and tea lounges from home-brewed teas, the market is opening up widely, driving an exponential growth in the number of tea café launches in the world’s biggest tea-loving nation.