5 Iced Teas You Should Try This Summer

Summers or winters, tea is timeless! The beverage is so dynamic in nature, it can be iced into delicious flavours to suite the mood of scorching summers! Experimenting away with green tea, black tea, sencha tea, oolong tea and even caffeine free fruit & flower infusions have never been more fun. Pairing this versatile drink with fruits and syrups make it even more interesting. Here are 5 Iced Teas you should try this summer:

1. Wild berry Iced Tea

Berries are delicious. More so, they pair perfectly well with black teas. The malty after taste of black teas compliment the tangy berries. Add some sweetener, and its as good as any cold drinks out there and better! The tang of berries adds to the refreshing feeling of black tea along with icy cold water. The wild berry ice brew is great in itself even without the black tea – that which makes it caffeine free!

TE-A-ME Wild Berry Ice Brew hits just the right notes with its delicious and natural ingredients of Hibiscus, Apple peel, Rose petal & Marigold! This summer, twist your same old cold drink into something fresh, fruity and natural!

2. Lemon Iced Tea

The all time favourite flavour of iced tea that is fresh, citrusy, lemony and rejuvenates just about right in the wake of tiring and draining summer heat. It can be prepared easily with the most basic ingredients in your kitchen – black tea, lemon, a sweetener. Brew your black tea as needed, add sugar and chill it in refrigerator. Squeeze lemon in it and serve!

TE-A-ME Lemon Ice Brew is an even more easy take than the two line recipe! Just add water! A delicious Lemon black tea awaits you at the end of 3 minutes, with tea bags that can be brewed in cold water. Just ice it and enjoy it!

3. Peach Iced Tea

The fruity, peachy, sweet and wholesome flavour of iced tea, that blends so perfectly well with mildly astringent black tea – the season for this delicious iced tea is here! Lo & behold, the summers are here and so are ice trays, cold drinks, beaches and sunscreens. Peach is a perfect flavour for iced tea – it can be pulled off with most cuisines and dishes. It is a perfect beverage addition in any event – beach parties, barbecues, karaoke, you name it!

TE-A-ME Peach Ice Brew is an easy to carry, highly portable, easy to prepare pyramid tea bags that brew in cold water! What else could one ask for this summer?

4. Lychee Iced Tea

The cool quotient of Lychee screams “summer time!”. Doesn’t it? The sweetness and juiciness in every sip is to die for! Now imagine it turned into a drink that can be iced and slurped in the summertime. Lychee iced tea is just the right flavour for those who like things sweet-er than usual.

TE-A-ME Lychee Ice Brew comes with a twist of flowery ingredients like Rose Petals, Marigold, Hibiscus, sweetness of Apple and tangy Rosehip, this drink brings you flavours of natural Lychee, with perfect ingredient combination, at the tip of your fingers – just add water!

5. Mint Iced Tea

Something so versatile about mint is that it cools you down instantly, irrespectively of the temperature of your drink. Pair this with fresh green tea and icy cold water and voila! This makes for a perfect, all time favourite summer drink.

TE-A-ME brings you a nature’s quick button for you to hit “refresh” with its Mint Ice Brew. The heat of peak summer not only drains energy, but also leaves you feeling stressed and exhausted. A minty fresh cold brew drink may help cool you down; relax your muscle and is sure to bring relief. Try TE-A-ME Mint Ice Brew today!


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