4 Things You Should Know About Green Tea

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Smooth, rich, and comforting, Green Tea has been a favorite beverage across the populations, over the globe – be it tea lovers, health enthusiasts, the bloggers, the techies or the night owls. With Green Tea’s growing popularity in recent years, the buzz about its many facts and perks are also in vogue. Read on to learn about some interesting insights, some facts and tips on your favorite beverage:

1. Flavors don’t Impact Green Tea’s Benefits:

Natural Green Tea in recent times has been creatively blended and combined with multitudes of flowers, herbs and even flavors. This caters to a spectrum of consumers, online, as well as offline, who like to steer clear of monotony in their cups. The flavors, however, do not inhibit the benefits of natural Green Tea. You heard that right! The Green Teas combined with ingredients like Tulsi, Jasmine, Cinnamon etc. will, in fact, enhance the health benefits of natural green tea. In added flavors, we suggest you choose the natural flavors over artificial ones.

2. Brand Matters:

Processing natural Green Tea requires skill and experience. From growing and harvesting to processing and packaging, Green Tea requires attention to details and a discerning eye. Hence, whom you buy it from, makes a difference to your cup! Be sure to pick a brand with enough experience in the field. Pick those that love tea and as much as you do! Don’t hesitate to use trails available at supermarkets these days. Experiment and explore your way to your own perfect green tea. Nowadays you can also avail it online.

3. Hot Green Tea is best for Weight Loss:

Natural Green Tea is a perfect beverage for supplementing your weight loss regime. Pro tip, have it hot and steer clear of sweeteners (even honey or jaggery, yes). Don’t worry about the taste; if you look for Green Tea online, you will fine a plethora of flavors that taste absolutely delicious, even without sweeteners. In addition, a cup of hot Green Tea will enhance your metabolism and help you sweat a little more.

4. Fresher the Tea, the Better it is:

Here’s a secret, your tea is brimming with healthfulness of catechins and is an absolute delight in taste when it is most fresh. But how do you, as a consumer, ensure that? For starters, pick a brand that processes and packages their tea not very far from the tea gardens. Secondly, look for good packaging. Individually wrapped tea bags, heat seals, air tight containers, multi layer packaging are your tea’s best friends. Thirdly, store your tea responsibly – away from direct sunlight, moisture and use airtight containers. Fourthly, look for expiration date. Finish your tea soonest and keep re loading your stock regularly.

So those were some tips on accruing an enhanced experience from this amazing beverage called the Green Tea! Do let us know what you think.

This versatile drink is relevant in multitudes of situations, be it during study hours or right before exercise, at breakfast or mid afternoon, slurp away your green tea to good health and a zestful lifestyle!

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